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Nothing in the world is more individually defined than the concept of “success”. It means something different to each of us. No matter how you define success, in order to get it you will require certain determination and self-sacrifice.

Experience comes with age but without good advice at one time or another, nobody could ever hope to become truly successful.

“The next thing to having wisdom ourselves,
is to profit by that of others.”

Charles Caleb Colton

This is where YPPA comes in. We want to guide you in the process defining your goals and achieving them with the least possible resistance.

You can choose to live from your mind or your feelings. Living from the mind is living from past experiences and according to a set of rules imposed by the outside world. It will always be unfulfilling in the long run. Living from emotions will leave you weak and exhausted from running in random circles. Hence, the prime skill for achieving happiness lies in transcending both mind and emotions which frees you from a reactive existence, full of doubt and false expectations.

'What lies behind us and what lies before us,
are tiny matters compared with what lies within us.'

Ralph Waldo Emerson

With fully developed concentration, your awareness of reality will gradually increase and your circumstances will develop accordingly. No longer shall you waste time and energy on useless thought patterns. Thinking will happen automatically, to maximal effect only, or not at all. This level of consciousness is an essential requirement for true freedom in life.

“Self trust is the first secret of success”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Intuitive knowledge

In this process of expanding your consciousness, you will fully develop not only your use of language and your emotional and logical faculties, but also your intuitive qualities.

With a developed mind you can be wholly successful in the material world. When your emotions are well developed you can be successful in relationships. But true mastery of life will require accurate intuition: the faculty that envisions the unfolding of events.

Intuitive knowledge is not related to academic performance, or success in only one field. The latter are skills you can acquire with hard work. Intuitive knowledge is of an entirely different order. Instead of following the world, it requires inward concentration. Only with intuitive development you achieve complete freedom in life. With intuitive knowledge you pre-empt problems and avoid unrealistic expectations. You will seize every useful opportunity and happily leave the rest to others.


Creativity can flourish maximally when it becomes a conscious process, anchored in deep self-awareness. The more conscious you become, the higher your degree of self knowledge and the more effective you will become in steering events in your direction. At its most complete stage, creativity will allow you to only think and it will happen. It will become a conscious way of daily living, rather than an isolated event that most people only occasionally experience..


There can be no question about it: an essential ingredient of success is the power to make things happen. Man is not born to be a passive object of existence. Whether a relationship, a family, a professional existence or a grand enterprise, prosperity depends on the quality of the teamwork. Your leadership qualities will depend on your awareness of your personal role in a reality much bigger than yourself. Leadership provides you with the qualities to resolve conflict, stay calm in the face of doubt and move forward willingly despite uncertainty.

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

Carl Yung


The single most important virtue on the road to a fulfilling life is the way in which you perceive every day to be worth living, the reason for getting out of bed with a definite sense of purpose. Without a profound self-knowledge, this will not be possible on a constant, unwavering basis.

At YPPA we will transmit the insights that will make you conscious of your innermost possibilities and aspirations. Self-knowledge implies self-acceptance. This is the key to positive change. Precisely because we accept ourselves exactly as we are, we are more able to change. Self-acceptance (“this is who I am”) is an important prerequisite to autonomy (“this is what I choose to do”), regardless of what anyone else may think or is doing, just because it is right for me. This is how we change our lives for the better.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


From self-acceptance and self-knowledge we can grow in our relationships. This is not mathematics or exact science, but once you understand its dynamics, you will find this equally predictable as any intellectual logic. The key concept that follows from faith in one’s true self is the absence of elementary doubt. Freedom of doubt is an essential support structure. At YPPA you will achieve this by contact with your most essential being. It is from this faith that you will be able to sail the occasionally turbulent waters of a relationship.


A. Parenting

Children should be properly prepared for tomorrow’s reality. Parents have the responsibility to facilitate the personal development of their child in all basic aspects of life. Children pose questions according to their state of development and should be provided with the answers accordingly, not just in words, but also and more importantly, through example, exposure and instruction.

“There is no school equal to a decent home,
and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.”

Mahatma Gandhi

B. Extended family

The mechanics for proper family function, whether biological or blended, are exactly the same and as important to full development as ever before. With failing family support we have looked at schools to replace the vacuum left, but often with limited success.

At YPPA we understand this particular problem of today’s young people. This is why we make a point of also reaching out to those, still in the formative stages of life. We offer them in the shortest possible time frame the essential skills to navigate life for maximum success and prosperity in all aspects.

At work

Our professional existence needs to be in balance with our core values. In the materialistic paradigm of the West, it is very easy to get disconnected from this reality. The result, sooner or later, is breakdown, whether in the shape of a “burn out”, a broken relationship, trouble with the children we neglected for the sake of it, or a life threatening health problem. The sudden realization of solitude and social isolation we have “worked” ourselves into can become the basis for a major crisis. We can only avoid or survive this type of crisis if we change our daily habits and aspirations completely and align ourselves with our own nature.

Again, we like to approach professional life through the concepts of self-trust and leadership. Trust is critical to our professional success. Do I trust myself? Do I give to others a person they can trust? At work, do I give to others a teammate, a leader they might trust? If you want to build trust with other people, always start with yourself.


YPPA - Testimonials'This course has transformed me. And the funny thing is, I didn't know I even had it in me to transform. Swami Purohit is not magic. He is not scary or insidious. His method is, in fact, simply natural once you open the eyes to it."   "It is this also the intensity that makes the difference. In the selection of venue and the inward dynamic of the long sessions, we cannot be distracted by life and or wrapped up in our own futile mechanisms to open up to this essential part of reality."

“What a way to spend a holiday! For us, it turned a holiday into a Holy week. Rather than an unforgettable stay, it has become a continuing experience, every day again.”

  “The only thing I can remember now, is how poorly I was before this. I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to join YPPA. I dread to think what life would have become without it. The day I decided to come here instead of downing yet another fiesta at the beach, truly was the luckiest of my life.”


The Young People’s Prosperity Academy facilitates the growth of youth towards their fullest potential in all aspects of life.

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