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YPPA - Young People's Prosperity Academy - Sanjay PurohitSwami Purohit, based in Granada in the south of Spain, is an inspirational yoga master. He is a scholar of Vedanta with a gift for applying the teachings to reality. His life mirrors the highest spirituality with striking simplicity. He sees the laws of life as ever changing and believes that the traditions and social institutions have to be understood through the filters of one’s own experience, insight and awareness.

Each individual must strive to find their own path in life through inner integrity rather than through conforming to social norms.

Born into an illustrious spiritual family in the north of India, Swamiji obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Science at Delhi University and went on to set up an Academy for Mathematics in Delhi, teaching Advanced Mathematics to gifted students. In 1993, a chance meeting with Enlightened Master Swami Sunder Giri inspired Swamiji to explore the meaning of life and existence. He studied under various enlightened masters who instructed him to the highest possible level in the traditions of Himalayan Vedanta wisdom.

Swamiji’s life illustrates that those who follow the spiritual path never tire because it is both the path and the destination.

YPPA - A Herald of Hope and Courage

Life is so much more than the struggle for survival and the pursuit of enjoyment. The acquisition of material goods is nothing more than a form of slavery to comfort. A truly great life can only take place outside our comfort zone and courage is therefore needed to step out of that zone and learn the new skills needed to create a life that you will love. We can help you to achieve your goals.

“For many years I participated, as a trainer, in self development courses within the corporate field and, on observing the limited potential of the western approach to psychological motivation, I developed my own method. This method sets out a path on which to reinvent one’s life according to one’s inspiration and potential. The difference between insight and information is that insight opens up a new paradigm of possibilities, whereas information is simply mechanical.  By combining the most efficient eastern techniques with the precision of a western approach, I have reduced the time and effort required for maximal personal growth. So many people work hard but without progressing due to a lack of vision in their lives. Tasks are carried out mechanically so there is no growth, the quality of life deteriorates and satisfaction is minimal. With my techniques a far greater quality of life can be achieved.”

On arrival in Spain 5 years ago, I immediately began teaching my techniques to the general public. Over 5000 students so far have attended my courses to their greater satisfaction. With the YPPA, I hope to further enhance my systematic techniques, whilst concentrating on the age group that matters most to society:  young people.”

The treasurer

YPPA - Young People's Prosperity AcademyDr. Jeff Hoeyberghs is a renowned Plastic surgeon and general Wellness Specialist. He is widely travelled and currently lives in his native Belgium.

He has resided and worked, amongst others, in the UK and Andorra for a large part of his professional life. He wrote various books on all aspects of the optimal human condition as the basis for satisfactory creative functioning. He also had multiple television series for popular education. He is a highly valued writer and public speaker on the subject.

“In the 30 years that I have been treating tens of thousands of patients, I rapidly came to understand the immense prevalence of human suffering that follows from false assumptions, often voraciously spread by standard education and the mainstream media. When I witnessed Swami Purohit at work (whilst myself participating in his course as a student), I immediately understood the immense value of his work, not in the least because of the tremendous effect that his teachings had on all aspects of my very own life.

By carefully selecting and grouping participants together in the pristine surroundings of the Pyrenees, I believe we can maximize the efficacy of Swamiji’s enhanced methods. I have no doubt that with YPPA we will change many people’s lives for the better, both directly and indirectly via the beneficial effect these course-retreats will have on the participants’ own world.

The Secretary

YPPA - Young People's Prosperity Academy - Mario PetersCurrently based in Cornwall (UK) but of Dutch origin, Mario Peters uses professional communication skills and techniques to connect people, organisations and ideas. His longtime experience in Information Technology and Digital Marketing combined with an in-depth knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming provide a powerful platform to offer excellent ICT services. Actively working towards a future where everyone has everyone's best interest in mind and where mutual uplift is a standard rather than the exception, his life philosophy is based on the interconnectedness of all life. As a mediator who can move easily between different groups of age, culture, language and tradition, Mario aims to raise mutual consideration and compassion in this world.

"I am very passionate about helping people to find their way back towards a holistic way of life that is in tune with the seasonal cycles of nature. Nature as a shared platform for all living beings, is the natural loom on which personal development, a healthy body and a balanced mind can be woven.The beautiful surroundings of the Pyrenees in which YPPA's course-retreats are taking place, is one such environment that provides all the ingredients for personal transformation.

In my day to day life, I have spent a large part of my time learning self-mastery through practising martial arts, yoga and meditation techniques plus studying disciplines and teachings for enhanced well-being, spiritual awareness and cultivating greatness which are found in old traditions and cultures like Tibetan Bön and Ancient Hawaiian traditions. Just like I have benefitted greatly from a focus on personal development, I am confident that the young people who will participate in Swami Purohit's life-changing program, shall find the same motivational opportunity and tools to enrich their lives. With YPPA, I believe we can help people to reconnect with their essence, to show them how they can find their inner strength and use it to create and live a life of excellence and beauty."

The Young People’s Prosperity Academy facilitates the growth of youth towards their fullest potential in all aspects of life.

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