Swami Purohit's Personal Message

Swami Purohit's Personal Message

 I have devoted my entire life to personal growth. Initially I focused on my own personal growth and later I worked to help others with theirs, first as a  Mathematics teacher and then, once I was fully prepared, as a personal trainer with a spiritual background from the ancient Sanskrit tradition and numerous highly elevated Spiritual  Masters. I became proficient at classical and Hatha yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.

I participated in various short term management and personality development courses but I found the techniques employed very limiting. According to modern personal development theories, the mind can solve all the issues in our lives. This is true only if you have a fully developed mind like Buddha, Socrates or Einstein. However when, as is the case for most of us, you are faced with contradictions it is not so straight forward. An undisciplined mind is a spin doctor and cause of perpetual suffering. It can justify wrong actions, glorify failures, be insensitive  to violence and the  cruelties of life no longer surprise us.  It put self before service.

Through meditation and awareness we can open our eyes to the possibilities of our lives, waking us from a state of inertia and giving us positive direction for our thoughts and actions. We can positively change our perspective, distance ourselves from the strong influences of the mind and body and contemplate the bigger picture, finding our way through any difficulties we may face.

In 2006, I decided to share my insights in Europe. I have set up my base in Granada, Spain, as I found this place the most accommodating in all aspects. My classes with a few students quickly grew as participants insisted on coming back for more advanced insights, bringing others with them. This work has grown steadily since then. As students began to feel the benefit of the courses they shared the information with their friends and family and soon after the Spanish press and television began to show an interest in my work, offering me the opportunity to reach out to a far wider section of the public and share my insights with them. There are now over 100 students participating in each one of our Advanced Yoga courses. Our students are aged from 18 to 84 and there is a fairly equal balance between the sexes. I now have a regular visiting schedule that takes me to various major Spanish cities. I also conduct  overseas courses in conjunction with partner organizations.

Generally speaking, western people live life through identification with possessions. We are defined by what we possess. But who we are should be defined by our values and ideals. Until we can achieve such clarity our mind will always dominate us and prevent us from living a life based on our fundamental values and dignity.

“The truly great are not the men of wealth, of possessions, not men who gain name and fame, but those who testify to the truth in them and refuse to compromise whatever be the cost. They are determined to do what they consider to be right. We may punish their bodies, refuse them comforts, but we cannot buy their souls, we cannot break their spirits. Whoever possesses this invulnerability of spirit, even to a little extent, deserves our admiration.”
S. Radhakrishnan

The Young People’s Prosperity Academy facilitates the growth of youth towards their fullest potential in all aspects of life.

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